Instantly Beautifying Cream.

300,00 PLN


There are times when your skin is tired, or has a bad day. The purpose of this luxurious instantly beautifying cream is to make it beautiful and toned in a flash, while at the same time providing optimum care, hydration, and protection. It shapes the micro-relief of your face, with a facelift effect.
The Australian Lemon Tea Tree (Manuka) Essential Oil enhances mood with a fresh lemon-like scent, while protecting skin against irritations. Magical instantly restores smoothness, tonicity, and beautiful appearance of the skin, at the same time providing optimum care, hydration, and protection.

Active substances:
Irish Moss, Birch Leaf Macerate, a combination of precious botanical oils, Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil.

What can you expect:

  • Skin’s firmness and tonicity instantly improved,
  • Skin illuminated and fresh,
  • Moisturizing,
  • Natural skin’s protective barrier restored,
  • Improving blood microcirculation, enhancing functions of the skin,
  • Nourishment,
  • Calming irritations, prevents skin problems,
  • Delicate astringent and antiseptic properties, purifying the pores.

Apply on thoroughly cleansed skin, avoiding eye area and lips.
The effectiveness of the preparation is significantly increased if applied after the application of biologically active collagen AP® BIOAKTIV.


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