The Source of Youth.

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Your skin cannot be dictated to – it needs to be venerated in its beauty, strength and intelligence.
Sacrum, a “Bentley” among the premium cosmetic products, with results comparable with those of an aesthetic medicine procedure, holds a rejuvenating dialogue with the skin, supporting mature skin in carrying all its functions.. A cutting-edge biotechnology transforms the abundance of valuable botanic ingredients into a synergic mechanism with strong rejuvenating properties.
The costly sandalwood essential oil, soothing senses with its refined and mysterious aroma, is beneficial not only for the skin, but also for the mood.
Fights visible signs of ageing and various skin problems. Sacrum is everything your skin needs for efficient functioning. Wrinkles, flabbiness, problems disappear. The skin regains its beauty, strength and well-being.

Active substances:
Tetrapeptide of Youth, Organic Wild Musk Rose Seed Oil, Crowberry Juice, Mexican Opuntia Ficus Indica Extract, Butter from African Karité Tree, Horse Chestnut Seed Macerate, Sandalwood Essential Oil.

What can you expect:

  • Visible rejuvenation of the skin,
  • Efficient stimulation of renewal,
  • Restoring smoothness, resilience and firmness to the skin,
  • Slowing down the processes of ageing,
  • Renewing the natural functions of the skin,
  • Preventing problems and irritations,
  • Restoring the natural protection barrier,
  • Providing the skin with optimum nutrition and hydration,
  • Fighting free radicals,
  • A delicate exfoliating and astringent effect.

Apply every day on thoroughly cleansed skin, avoiding eye area and lips. The effectiveness of the preparation is significantly increased if used after the application of biologically active collagen AP® BIOAKTIV.


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