Effects of collagen treatment

A miraculous cosmetic… that never irritates the skin, and helps eliminate all its problems (the white collagen is particularly recommended):

  • slows down the skin aging processes, supports processes of regeneration,
  • soothes acne-prone skin and restores its microbiological balance,
  • lightens blotches,
  • sonditions the skin and relieves its irritations in inflammatory states and allergies.
  • strengthens hair and restores proper functions to the head skin,
  • supports regrowth of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes,
  • reduce scars, stretch marks and cellulite, promotes skin regeneration processes.

It provides comfort… as it stimulates cellular regeneration. The grey and white
collagens are particularly useful in this case:

  • enhances the natural protective functions of the skin,
  • strengthens the walls of capillary veins,
  • applied during a bath, it relaxes and relieves stress,
  • visibly improves appearance.

It makes life more pleasant… in the form of two intimate use cosmetics, in which the biologically active collagen is supplemented with substances that enhance good condition and vitality of the intimate areas.

  • improves the health of reproductive organs in women and men,
  • AP Bioaktiv Kolagen is not a panacea and can not be used in his absence.