Mezoterapia igłowa - usuwanie zmarszczek

Needle mesotherapy is a treatment with a very wide spectrum of action. The treatment uses a variety of cocktails, which makes it easy to apply it in almost every case on most parts of the body.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of needle mesotherapy is that it can be used at any age.

When done correctly and in the appropriate number of repetitions – the treatment brings excellent results.


Needle mesotherapy is an extremely popular treatment in the field of an aesthetic medicine.

Needle mesotherapy is a treatment consisting of intradermally administered a cocktail containing, among others, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid and a large amount of vitamins and amino acids. Therapeutic mexoco-therapies are individually selected for the patient’s skin, and the treatment can only be performed by a doctor.

Mesococtails have an extremely wide range of activity. They help in the fight against wrinkles, dry skin, skin lacking firmness and elasticity, excessive fat tissue, cellulite on the shoulders, hips and buttocks, discoloration appearing on the skin surface, stretch marks (in various areas), hair loss, improper hair nourishment and recurrent dandruff , etc.

The cocktail is injected into the lower layers of the skin using a syringe with a very thin needle. Their task is to increase the intensity of microcirculation.



  • moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin,
  • smoothes wrinkles,
  • rejuvenates, refreshes the face, gives it a uniform color
  • slows down the aging process of the skin,
  • tightens and strengthens the skin,
  • reduces dark circles under the eyes,
  • eliminates discoloration.


  • tightens the skin and rejuvenates its appearance,
  • nourishes and regenerates the skin,
  • reduces body fat,
  • reduces cellulite,
  • eliminates stretch marks,
  • stimulates fat burning,
  • shapes the figure.


  • reduces hair loss,
  • stimulates hair growth,
  • improves the appearance and health of hair and scalp.


During the procedure, a series of small punctures are performed using a very fine needle in the selected area. The healing substances are given very superficially.

If necessary, the injected skin can be anesthetized using the cream.

Traces after the procedure are visible depending on the type of treatment from a few hours to several days, but they are possible to be masked.


The method is intended for patients of all ages and is mainly used in anti-wrinkle prophylaxis. At the Anna Pikura Clinic a doctor is taking into account the condition of the skin and the needs of the patient, selects the appropriate cocktail for mesotherapy and recommends the appropriate number of repetitions. By default, the treatment should be repeated 3 to 10 times to achieve the best result.


Depends on used mesococktail:
Teosyal redencity – light filling – 450 PLN

Face: From 450 PLN
Neck: From 250 PLN
Cleavage: From 250 PLN
Hands: From 350 PLN
Head skin – baldness therapy: from PLN 350
Teosyal redencity – light filling: from 450 PLN
Mesolift – pure hyaluronic acid: 450 PLN
Light Eyes Ultra – valley of tearsa area: from 300 PLN


At Anna Pikura Clinic we have a wide selection of cocktails that will surely meet the expectations of even the most demanding patients.

Mezolift is a mesotherapy method with the use of pure non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, which has a strong revitalizing effect. Mezolift is safer to use in patients suffering from allergies.

Another option in mesotherapy is the use of a preparation containing only polynucleotides. Alternately, hyaluronic acid and polynucleotides or a preparation containing vitamin C may be used.

Hydrobalans Skin Booster is a treatment using a special stabilized form of hyaluronic acid, which stays in the skin for several months. Then it is gradually and naturally absorbed, without the effect of a sudden change in appearance. The treatment ensures deep hydration and long-term maintenance of skin hydration.

A special type of treatment is mesotherapy performed on the skin under the eyes with the use of a special Light Eyes Ultra revitalizing cocktail, which contains hyaluronic acid, beetroot, blueberry, rosemary, vitamin C and hexapeptides. The treatment brightens shadows under the eyes, reduces wrinkles, shapes the so-called valley of tears. It improves microcirculation and elasticity of the skin, at the same time reducing the tendency to accumulate liquids around the eyes.

We also recommend a procedure called mezobotox, i.e. botuline combined in a single syringe with hyaluronic acid.

Needle mesotherapy can be combined with other treatments of aesthetic medicine, it is possible during one visit (GAT – global anti-aging therapy – peeling + mesotherapy + filler).


Each time the doctor will qualify for the procedure after a thorough interview and examination. Only adults can undergo the treatment.

The contraindications of the use of mesotherapy include:
  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • skin inflammation, e.g. herpes, purulent skin conditions,
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • the tendency to form keloids,
  • taking certain medicines (blood thinners, antibiotics, anticancer medicines).

Immediately after the procedure, you can return to normal activities, although usually at the place of injection there is a hematoma, swelling and redness that pass by itself after a few days. Immediately after the treatment small pellets may appear, which disappear after 2-3 days. In some cases you may need to stay few days at home for aesthetic reasons.