Aqualyx – Injective Intralipotherapy

Do you want to look slimmer but a scalpel is not the answer you are looking for? In the Anna Pikura Clinic, we recommend intralipotherapy. This treatment is called a no-scalpel liposuction and it is a unique and most efficient alternative for surgical liposuction.

Injective intralipoterapy reduces local fat deposits. This is not a treatment designed for slimming the whole body, but rather as an innovative procedure for shaping selected body parts (so called local fat removal).

Aqualyx is the only registered medical substance worldwide designed for reduction of local fat deposits only by means of injective intralipotherapy. A procedure involving this preparation can be conducted only by experienced aesthetic medicine doctors.

Substance action

Aqualyx is a phosphatidylcholine-free solution. Its main ingredients are detergents (i.e. sodium deoxycholate). The detergent dissolves fat and destroys the cell membrane – the process of adipocytolisis occurs. The fat from the destroyed cells makes its way to the bloodstream and to the liver, and eventually it is naturally expelled from the body.

Compared to other measures, Aqualyx is less painful, more effective and less invasive. One or two needle insertions are sufficient. Moreover, Aqualyx works faster – fewer procedures are needed to achieve satisfying effects.

The preparation can be used on:

-interior sides of thighs

-interior sides of knees (knee bulges)

-hips area

-area under buttocks

-double chin

-triceps area of upper limbs

-adipose folds on the back (sides)

-nipples (masculine gynaecomastia)



-reduces excess of adipose tissue

-reduces cellulite

-removes double chin

-slenderises knees

-reduces circumference of waist, hips and thighs (by 4-5cm/ 1.57-1.97 in)

-slenderises arms and neck.

Aqualyx removes fat deposits permanently. Best effect can be seen in patients with a slight overweight and local fat deposits – especially in areas where they cannot be removed by diet or exercises.


Intralipotherapy procedure consists of applying Aqualyx preparation directly to adipose tissue via specially designed thin needles (usually 2 injections).

This method is advantageous because of small number of needle reinsertions, which reduces pain and decreases a risk of bruise development or skin damage.

Intralipotherapy is practically painless due to anaesthetics added to the Aqualyx solution. Slight itchiness, burning sensation and tenderness of the treated place occurs after the procedure. They are indicators of the substance’s activity and effectiveness, thus they are desirable. The patient can return to regular daily activities just after the treatment.

It needs to be remembered that during the therapy one needs to drink large amounts of water – because the fat will be metabolised faster and more efficiently, as well as the effects will become visible sooner and will be long-term. It is recommended to go on a low-fat diet.

Number of procedures

The number of procedures is usually determined by the physician, and it is based on individual needs of the patient and amounts of fatty tissue. 2-3 procedures with a break of 3-4 weeks between them are usually enough.


The prices in the Anna Pikura Clinic are determined individually during medical examinations and they depend on the amount of the solution used. 1 ampoule of Aqualyx costs 450 PLN.

Additional information

It should be remembered that intralipotherapy is not a whole body slimming method, but a treatment for shaping only specific body parts by local fat removal, especially in areas which are difficult to shape by means of diet or exercises, like adipose folds or arms.

Contraindications and side effects

Assessment of eligibility for the treatment is made by an aesthetic medicine doctor during medical examination. Only adults can be treated.

Some of the contraindications for intralipotherapy procedure:

-acute diseases of kidneys and liver


-diseases related with excessive bleeding

-chronic taking of blood thinners

-thyroid gland diseases. Aqualyx treatment can be conducted in case of autoimmune thyroid gland diseases. In case of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, it can be conducted provided the level of immunoglobulins is very low or equals zero.

-pregnancy and lactation period.

Some of the temporary side effects: local skin reddnes, swelling, bruises, discomfort of the treated spot, itchiness and burning sensation. Those symptoms are going to recede within a few days.