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What is AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen®?

Biologically active collagen is one of main proteins of connective tissue, a component of bodies of vertebrates. It forms a scaffold on which the cells of individual organs are settled. Collagen is very resistant to stretching and gives resilience to tissues. There is a process of constant replacement of this protein in our bodies. Damaged collagen fibers are being replaced with new ones, produced in fibroblast cells of the skin or in cartilage corpuscles in bones.

When replacement of collagen is not quick enough due to adverse conditions, collagen deficiency occurs. Its symptoms are both external (e.g. deteriorating looks – appearance of wrinkles and laugh lines, decrease of skin resilience, formation of cellulite and varicose veins) and internal (disturbed function of individual organs, bones or muscles). Collagen deficiency becomes more apparent with age because of decrease in collagen production by our body. This problem is particularly noticeable during menopause and andropause, when problems with health and beauty increase.

As a matter of fact, the biologically active collagen slows these processes and even stops them to some degree. It is available in the form of a series of cosmetic preparations AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen and is recommended to be used in such problems as wrinkles, all kinds of skin imperfections, stretch marks, cellulite, varicose veins, scars and acne.

The process of body aging is inevitably connected with skin aging. We cannot control genetic factors determining the rate of aging, we can, however, protect ourselves against external factors, which have an influence on our skin.

Wrinkles – folds and deformations of skin surface – develop due loss of resilience, deteriorating function of sebaceous and perspiratory glands as well as decreased capability of water accumulation in tissues, too.

Collagen and elastin – proteins responsible for tonicity, hydration and firmness of the skin – get degraded over the years. Due to UV radiation, free radicals, toxins and stressful lifestyle etc., collagen fibers get destroyed and thus deficiency of this proteins occurs. The skin begins to look unaesthetic: it becomes less firm, weaker and wrinkled.

Wrinkles can be divided into several types:

  • Mimic wrinkles appear earliest and are caused by movements of mimic muscles, when we laugh, frown etc.
  • Gravitiational wrinkles result from the natural process of skin aging and are connected with gravity
  • Structural wrinkles develop due to lifestyle, genetic factors and harmful influence of solar radiation on the skin

Skin of young people is resilient and there are no visible folds or laugh lines, when mimic muscles return to a state of rest. Around 30th year of age, mimic wrinkles begin to consolidate and skin slowly looses its elasticity, so folds become visible even on perfectly calm face. They appear earliest in places of the most frequent facial movements.

Skin of women over 40 years of age can lose even 2 percent of collagen per year due to decreasing level of some hormones. That decrease causes irreversible losses in skin quality. Deeper wrinkles and laugh lines (nasolabial folds) appear.
Aging process accelerates aggressively around the 50th year of age. Decrease in hormone levels worsens skin functions. Skin loses its resilience and density mainly due to significant decrease in collagen and elastin production. As a result, it becomes thinner, loses elasticity and parallel fissures of various depth appear as well as dryness. A change occurs in the face contour, caused by decreasing amount of supporting fibers and unavoidable gravity.

After the 50th year of age, skin ages in natural, structural and gravitational ways. Wrinkles result from the natural sagging of skin and mimic muscles, which we use constantly to express our emotions. Wrinkles are a reflection of our personality and our approach to life and other people.
To improve our skin condition and slow the process of aging, we have created two special preparations of AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen series dedicated for facial usage: AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen White and AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen +.

AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen is highly hygroscopic and while being absorbed into skin it carries lots of moisture. That is why it should be applied with a clean tea spoon or a glass or metal spatula (preferably sterilized with hot water and cooled down) on cleansed skin moistened with water, preferably white rose hydrolat AP Mist Rosarium. The preparation should be spread with thin layer on moist epidermis and gently patted in.

We recommend our white rose hydrolat AP Mist Rosarium to be used before collagen application.
Spreading too great amount of collagen on skin often results in flaking of the unabsorbed layer. In this case, skin should be again moistened with white rose hydrolat and tbe rest of the preparation should be patted in.

Collagen is neither cream, nor cream substitute (it works from the inside, hence such spectacular effects!), but it enhances the power of other active ingredients, that is why we recommend usage of specialized biocreams by ANNA PIKURA, containing only natural active ingredients.

AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen is a preparation in form of gel to be applied on cleansed skin, moistened with thermal water (collagen is highly hygroscopic and therefore being absorbed into the skin, it carries great amounts of moisture). If applied correctly, collagen makes the skin gently tight, preparing it for absorption of moisturizing, regenerating, conditioning substances. AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen is not only a perfect cosmetic in itself, but also demonstrates properties enhancing work of other natural active substances. As research has shown, natural active ingredients derived from plants multiply their efficiency when used along with collagen. In ANNA PIKURA creams, you will find abundance of valuable ingredients, which supply the skin with everything that is needed.
Those preparations give great results even when used alone, however, earlier application of the biologically active collagen increases their efficiency even further.

Varicose veins are symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency, one of most common cardiovascular diseases. They are easily recognizable as dark blue or dark violet veins, often are bulgy, twisted and visible under skin. They are usually located in lower limbs. Varicose veins develop as a result of an impairment of patency of veins, which causes increase in blood pressure. Incorrect functioning of venous valves prevents the return of blood back to the heart. Weakening or damages of those valves can results in blood accumulation inside the vein and development of a varicose vein.

Leg swelling increased in the evening, heavy legs, pain and burning sensation in lower limbs can be first symptoms of varicose veins. Risk group includes women, persons over 40 years of age, as well as those who perform hard physical work in upright position of the body. We have developed the AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen Grey special preparation to improve the state of skin affected by varicose vein problems.

Collagen is one of the structural materials in the walls of blood vessels. After the 25th year of age, its production in our body decreases. This is a result of steady deterioration in function of fibroblast cells, which are responsible for production of collagen and elastin. Lack of basic binder of cells and blood vessel walls causes their dehydration and eventually decreases their elasticity and worsens their function.

By supplying your body with collagen from an external source, you replenish its deficits in the walls of veins and stimulate fibroblast cells to production of their own collagen. AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen Grey moisturizes tissues, reinforcing the fragile walls of veins. It also helps decrease the risk of broadening and rupturing veins in the future. Appropriate skin care is also important. Ingredients of natural collagen AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen reduce redness and swelling and make spider veins and small varicose veins less visible. Skin which is dry and lacks resilience will become firm, moisturized and less prone to various types of cracking and inflammations.

If you are predisposed to varicose veins, make sure you provide your skin with appropriate care with AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen Grey.
For the therapy to be effective, you should use the preparation on a regular basis. Apply the collagen twice a day on skin with varicose veins moistened with AP Mist Rosarium. The first results should become apparent after 2–3 weeks.

Stretch marks are linear and parallel scars covered with atrophic epidermis. This is how they look externally; internally, they are gaps in the connective binder. Their development results from imbalance between stretching forces and skin strength. Stretch marks develop in areas where skin is stretched permanently for long periods of time. Especially predisposed places are buttocks, thighs, hips, bust, shoulder joints and knee joints areas. Stretch marks are problem not only for pregnant women (90%) or mature women (70%), but for men (40%) as well. The reason of so high a percentage of population affected with this condition is the many factors accelerating its development, like:

  • physiological changes (puberty, pregnancy, menopause)
  • obesity
  • improper diet
  • frequent weight changes
  • professional bodybuilding
  • taking steroid medicines
  • genetic predispositions
  • chronic intense stress.

Stretch marks are caused by impairment of fibroblast cells, which are responsible for production of collagen and elastin. As we know, those proteins are responsible for resilience and proper skin tonicity. If those substances are missing, body replaces them with other, worse materials, unable to sustain proper structure of connective binder when exposed to such changes as strong skin stretching. The result of that is a breaking apart of connective binder, which causes development of red streaks of various length and width. This is the inflammatory stage of stretch marks’ development. The next phase of that process is a cicatrisation stage, during which stretch marks become pearl white, with slightly raised and rough surface. The good news is that it is possible to prevent stretch marks from further development in their first stage. AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen Grey is perfect for such tasks! It intensively stimulates fibroblast cells’ work by replenishment of collagen deficits.

AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen Grey – if used on a regular basis – prevents development of stretch marks and makes skin resilient and moisturised. Collagen can reduce the depth and visibility of stretch marks, if it is used on established marks. If collagen is applied regularly, stretch marks will become invisible, however combatting them at this stage will last longer than it would were collagen applied at the appearance of the first symptoms.

Apply the collagen on the body moistened with white rose hydrolat AP Mist Rosarium and perform a massage. Because collagen absorbs rapidly through skin, a lubricant (e.g. an oil etc.) should be used for further massage. Penetration of skin by collagen and its absorption is increased thanks to massage.

This procedure should be performed daily, if possible. A little more pressure should be applied to the spots with increased symptoms. Lotion can be used after the massage.

AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen is not a cosmetic in the common meaning of that word – most preparations of AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen series contains almost pure (concentration at least 93%) and concentrated tropocollagen, supplemented with only a small addition of mineral water. Collagen is manufactured in the conditions of ultra modern workshop with methods allowing for full preservation of its biological activity and purity.

The transdermal gel is superbly tolerated even by most sensitive skin. This due to the fact that it contains only skin friendly substances without any harmful preservatives, dyes, scents, or emulsifiers. Thanks to this, the probability of allergic reactions and intolerance is close to zero. Collagen absorbs into intercellular space.

ANNA PIKURA biocreams are luxurious cosmetic preparations which supplement the collagen therapy with AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen, but also give excellent results when used independently. As with the collagen, any harmful preservatives, artificial dyes and synthetic emulsifiers have been excluded from manufacturing process. Scents of biocreams come from natural plant ingredients. ANNA PIKURA preparations contain natural biologically active substances, obtained mainly from plants grown in certified organic farms.
The collagen series contains six preparations:

    • Basic line:
      • AP BIOAKTIV White for face, neck and cleavage. It combats all problems: from wrinkles and sagging skin to discolourations, to acne and issues of sensitive skin.
      • AP BIOAKTIV Grey helps eradicate cellulitie, stretch marks and scars. It also works nicely as a skin care preparation in the case of visible veins and all problematic conditions treated with a massage.
      • AP BIOAKTIV Graphite is an excellent hand and foot care, including fingernails. It also enhances the well-being of hair roots and the looks of hair. It can be used for slimming massages and relaxing baths. Grey and Graphite preparations contain natural melanin, a dye found in human body, performing important functions in the skin and other organs.
    • Intimate care:
      • AP BIOAKTIV Intimate For Woman contains natural vitamins and is a prefect regenerative care for genital areas. The preparation helps to maintain appropriate hygiene as well as re-establish comfort and vitality.
      • An exclusive ‘Mercedes’ of the collagen group:

    AP BIOAKTIV PLUS is manufactured with the help of a new, more precise technology, it contains natural vitamins. It has particularly strong wrinkle smoothing and skin firming effect.

    The ANNA PIKURA botanical series contains biocreams designed for coping with all kinds of skin problems:

  • Basic line
      • Hydrology® – a master moisturiser, designed for normal and mixed skin. It contains extract from Macrocystis Pyrifera algae.
      • Successology® – our success in combatting wrinkles. It contains Rosa Moschata seed oil.
      • Both creams perform brilliantly in their main tasks, and in addition they also eliminate irritations and many more minor skin problems.
  • Professional preparations:
      • Matematique® – re-establishes balance of oily and mixed skin. It contains birch leaves macerate, giving the skin chic matt looks and smoothness.
      • Douxmatique® – gentle as a soft blanket, it contains Amazonian Jungle tucuma butter, rich in vitamine A. This preparation makes dry skin feel perfectly comfortable again.
      • Sensilogy® – containing chestnut macerate, it soothes sensitive couperose skin.
      • Magical® – instantly beautifies the skin, as with the touch of a magic wand.
  • Eye area preparations:
        • Visiology® – with chestnut and jojoba oils and vitamin C, it targets the first symptoms of ageing.
        • Serenology® – with Rosa Moschata seed oil, it makes your eyes shine again.
  • The star of botanical biocreams collection: Exclusive and rejuvenating Poetica® with active vitamin A and avocado fruit oil is genuine poetry for the skin.
  • Most luxurious ‘Bentley’ amongst the prestige-class products:
    Sacrum® – its effect is comparable to that of aesthetic medicine. Innovative biotechnology has turned a richness of precious substances into a synergic mechanism with strong rejuvenating properties.