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Agnieszka (70+) Warszawa

I’m grateful for the day when I accidentally got Super Linia journal with ANNA PIKURA collagen ad in it. You’re probably thinking, that I’m expressing my excitement a little too much, but I’m really thankful to my fate, because I was able to find real youth elixir. I’ve used AP collagen on a daily basis, constantly and with iron consequence since then. I can assure you that keeping under control the inevitable process of body degradation (in age of 70+) – to some extent – and the compliments I still hear make me feel optimistic.

And now few words about the precise effect of the ANNA PIKURA collagen usage. Because of the real wonders this collagen diud during my struggle with illness of my right hand joints (carpal tunnel syndrome and finger contracture) and knowing that it is more resonable to prevent than to cure, I apply collagen to my knees (and to the knees of my three years older husband, too), on my shoulders and from time to time to my hips.

And of course I have no wrinkles!

When I began to use collagen several years ago, there were no wrinkles yet, because I’ve always taken good care of myself, but without botox or lifting. Collagen allowed me to suppress wrinkles’ development. Of course, I use creams, but the AP collagen regenerates skin fibers and optimizes creams’ efficiency.

Now, when I see doctor sometimes, he looks at my date of birth, then on my face and asks: ‘How do you do that?’, my answer is: ‘ANNA PIKURA collagen!’

I use AP collagen on my (and my husband’s) eyelids every day, and thanks to its transdermal effects my sight has improved. I used to use +2 diopter glasses, but now I need only +1 diopter and only for reading very small fonts. My optician said my eyes were much younger than I was!

I had problems with my spine severals years ago due to dehydration of the vertebrae, which is a normal occurrence at my age. I tried to apply collagen on my spine and it worked! Magnetic resonance confirmed my vertebrae were moisturized.

I hope I will be able to use the ANNA PIKURA collagen ‘till the end of the world and one day beyond’.

Aleksandra (33) Straszyn

I have used ANNA PIKURA products for 2 years, my friend recommended them to me, and she was told about them by a friend of hers. I constantly use the White collagen and so far I’ve used Hydrology, Successology and Serenology creams around my eyes. I am very satisfied with these products, all of them were recommended to me in the ANNA PIKURA Clinic. According to an advice I use creme twice every day, every evening and every morning on cleansed skin, moistened with AP Mist Rosarium.

Increased firmness, shallowing of minor wrinkles, even color of my skin became visible after just two weeks of regular usage. In short, my skin looks younger and this is because of natural substances in the ANNA PIKURA products. I use RF and microdermabrasion treatments regularly, always in series of five. A very lasting effect is visible just after the second treatment. The ladies performing the procedures are very competent and patiently help me choose appropriate cosmetics and treatments. They are not only professionals in their field, but also very amiable and communicative persons, and it is nice to return to them. I can truly recommend this place to everybody!

Danuta (62) Wrocław

I began to suffer from veins inflammation some time back. Antibiotic therapy proved to be unsuccessful with dealing with condition of my legs, but it damaged my stomach quite efficiently. Then I have learned about AP BIOAKTIV collagen Grey. My dear people, I did not suppose it would work, but it did. It seems impossible, but I have felt good enough to walk normally and could sleep the whole night long without waking up just after three days of the therapy – I have used the collagen twice a day during that period. It is a miracle to me. I’ve used the collagen regularly for a year and my leg is completely well now. Moreover, I have bunions, which became much smaller since I began to apply collagen on them, too.

Elżbieta (48) Jaworzyna Śl.

I felt pain in my knees and joints popping for a few months. Because my work demands a lot of walking, I was looking for way to help myself. I had known about the Grey collagen for a long time, because my husband used it several years ago on his knee with very good results, which last even today – he doesn’t have to go to see the doctor now, but he was advised earlier to get arthroscopy, which he finally refused to get. He convinced me to use AP BIOAKTIV collagen Grey, and just after three weeks of the collagen usage four times a day I noticed – to my amazement – that condition of my joints improved. Pain disappeared and joints’ popping has significantly decreased, and this is most important to me. I know now that the Grey collagen works and it’s precious. This fact encouraged me to try the White collagen on my face, which I’m going to do. I want also to give it to my daughter, because she

has had problems with acne for several years, and I’m sure the White collagen will help her solve that problem.

Małgorzata (52)

I would like to tell you my story about how I learned about the ANNA PIKURA wonderful

cosmetics. My story began over a year ago, when my uterus and ovaries were removed due to cancer. After the surgery I began to be more interested in my health, so I started to regularly buy Moda na Zdrowie journal. There I have read about your cosmetics. Due to lack of natural hormones my skin became dry, less firm and the first wrinkles appeared, so I decided try ANNA PIKURA cosmetics.

Speaking precisely: one of your cosmetics was given to me by my children, cause they heard me mention about them.

When I tried Douxmatique cream, my first impression was that its consistency was miraculous and its scent beautiful and not irritating. Reaction of my dry and oversensitive skin was very good. After several months of usage, I can honestly say, that I’m amazed with your cream. My skin became more toned, moisturized and nice to touch – like a long time ago. I’m a fan of natural cosmetics, because my skin reacts best to them, so Anna Pikura’s creams are really unique for me. I would like to try your serum – Sacrum – because I suppose its effects are exceptional. Please, tell me: have you some discounts for regular – and amazed – customers?

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