Zabiegi firmowe na okolice oczu

The May Rain

Revitalises the eyes and brightens the look. An intensive procedure with biologically active collagen, vitamin C and lactic acid, it smooths mimic wrinkles and lightens dark circles.

It is gentle for the skin, still it gives a deep effect due to the highest quality natural ingredients. AP BIOAKTIV collagen applied during the relaxing massage initializes intensive regeneration of the deeper skin layers. Lactic acid brightens the epidermis and has a moisturising effect. Vitamin C –introduced into the deeper skin layers via sonophoresis – is one of most potent natural rejuvenating factors. It also seals blood vessels and lightens up discolourations.

Price: 200 PLN

A natural method for rejuvenation of the eye area with biologically active collagen and algae. The procedure includes introduction of AP BIOAKTIV collagen deeply into the skin via sonophoresis and application of intensely moisturising algae. A series of procedures allows for a permanent improvement of the eye area look, reducing wrinkles and deep hydration.

Price: 200 PLN

A micro-needle therapy with the biologically active collagen for the eye area. Its enhanced regenerative power is due to the simultaneous use of biologically active collagen and the skin roller. Micro-punctures made by a sterile roller effectively stimulate skin’s natural restoration processes.

The biologically active collagen replenishes deficits of our own collagen and accelerates a natural restoration process. The non-invasive micro-punctures allow for quicker and deeper penetration of the collagen into the skin, which in turn increases their regenerative influence. A completely safe and non-invasive procedure, it gives visible and lasting revitalisation effects.

Procedure’s course

  • make-up removal
  • roller usage with active collagen
  • anti-ageing massage of the eye area
  • mask for the eye area

Duration: about 45 minutes