Strefa dla Panów

Manicure for Men

Price: 50 PLN

Price: 80 PLN

Combination of cavitation peeling and facial massage. The treatment makes use of sonophoresis to enhance absorption of biologically active collagen. It purges, refreshes, smoothens and revitalises skin.

Price: 200 PLN

Manual face purging merged with application of individually picked algae mask.

Price: 150 PLN

Removal of unwanted hairs from chosen body parts with warm wax.


  • legs: 120 PLN
  • back and shoulders: 90 PLN
  • hands: 60 PLN
  • torso: 60 PLN
  • abdomen: 60 PLN
  • torso and abdomen: 100 PLN
  • neck: 50 PLN