Renata (43) Wrocław

The staff in the ANNA PIKURA Clinic is very nice and fully professional, moreover the clinic offers many different treatments and cosmetics. Prices are decent as for the center of Wrocław, so I was nicely surprised. My eyebrows became optically denser and beautifully shaped during henna application and regulation. It was my first treatment here, but I know I’ll be a regular visitor! I’ve already a massage scheduled and I can’t wait. The interior is clean and smells nice, there is some mild background music, too. I feel so relaxed.

Halina (74) Gdynia

I’ve suffered from intestinal inflammation of the urinary bladder wall muscle for over a dozen years. I’be ought AP Sensation collagen in capsules in the ANNA PIKURA clinic in Gdynia for a few years and staff there has always been very nice. The state of my health and comfort have improved a lot. I can walk and function normally, which was not always possible earlier even though I was taking drugs. I cannot imagine life without this collagen now.

Katarzyna (45)

I go to the ANNA PIKURA Clinic systematically every month for manicure and pedicure. I had a dermabrasion, cellulite reduction and toning treatment some time ago, but due to my very busy lifestyle I can’t do it regularly. I’m very satisfied with quality of pedicure and manicure performed by Ms. Kamila – the effect is really long lasting and my fingernails are beautiful even though it is hard to keep that effect due to my work (I’m a neurologist). I like that place’s atmosphere, created by the ladies who work there.

Małgorzata (44) Gdynia

I learned about the ANNA PIKURA Clinic from the Internet. I’m very contented with the treatments performed by Ms. Aleksandra, who is always very nice, professional and has some advice about the treatment and choice of collagen for home use.

Me and my husband had a microdermabrasion and other treatments, which together with AP BIOAKTIV Kolagen White gave us wonderful results. Our skin became toned, more resilient and better nourished, small wrinkles are gone. The effects are clearly visible just after the second treatment.

The treatments at your clinic are huge doses of relax and well-being. There is always a nice atmosphere. I have already recommended your clinic to my friends multiple times.

Marzena (34) Kraków

I learned about the ANNA PIKURA Clinic several years ago, and since then I have had combined treatments (including microdermabrasion, peeling, algae masks and collagen) every two weeks during the autumn-winter period. I’m generally contented with the treatments’ quality, my skin is refreshed and with far less imperfections. Moreover, blotches on my forehead have disappeared.

Joanna Gdańsk

I purchased a series of RF treatments in the ANNA PIKURA clinic in Gdynia. Just after the first treatment, I have noticed the tone of the skin around my eyes improved, my face contour was corrected, the wrinkles on my forehead became shallower.

ANNA PIKURA White collagen is used for this treatment because of its properties: it makes the skin more firm, moisturizes, wrinkles are reduced.

My skin’s color became more even than before, and dark circles under my eyes are brighter. I think this collagen is perfect for my dry and sensitive skin with visible capillaries.

Another cosmetic I consider my favorite is AP Mist Rosarium, refreshing and strengthening blood vessels.

Hanna (41) Gdynia

I used an series of five Amazing treatments in the ANNA PIKURA clinic, they were performed once per week. The results are nice skin firmness, its brightness and vitality. After the next series of five treatments my skin became even firmer and smoother, and I’m satisfied with the effects. I will have more treatments for sure. The staff is very nice there, and it provides all the information needed.

Izabela (36) Żywiec

I have had a few different treatments from ANNA PIKURA clinic’s offer so far: Sophisticated Care collagen treatment (three times), dermabrasion with almond acid (three times) and oxybrasion (twice). I take one treatment per week. I noticed first effects after a month – pores became invisible, skin was brighter and wrinkles became shallower. The staff is nice and extremely professional.

Anna (36) Gdynia

I have learned about the ANNA PIKURA clinic from the Internet and I chose face laser treatment against visible capillaries – two series for five treatments each, once per month. Positive effects were visible right after the second treatment. I should add that besides high quality of the service there is a very nice staff.

Magdalena (31) Suchy Dwór

I have learned about the ANNA PIKURA clinic from the Internet, and I decided to buy a packet of fifteen Amazing treatments. To my surprise, the first effects became visible just after the second treatment. I was surprised even more, because my husband noticed those effects, too. He told me that the lumps on my belly (cellulite) were smaller. I take this treatment three times a week and other effects are becoming more visible: I’ve lost 3 kg, so my pants and blouses became too loose. I have decided to use collagen during my therapy. There was a special offer for collagen, so I bought three for the price of two. Collagen reduces stretch marks, which appeared while I gained weight.

Patryk (22) Kraków

I learned about the ANNA PIKURA clinic by pure luck, when I was passing it. I decided to take microdermabrasion treatment due to large imperfections on my skin. I bought six treatments, once per week. Currently I’m after the second treatment and I must admit my skin looks much better. It has become less oily, more vital and acne-inflicted reddish places became lighter and less visible. Moreover my skin has become much smoother. I should tell a few words about the staff, too: they are always full of positive energy, but that fact has no negative effect on their professionalism!

Aleksandra (29) Kamieniec Ząbkowicki

The slimming treatment for thighs with biologically active collagen in the ANNA PIKURA clinic was very pleasant. The skin’s firmness and tension became noticeable just after the first visit. Face oxybrasion was also very neat because of the sense of coolness, refreshment, pleasant ‘pins and needles’ sensation and a nice massage.

Paulina (25) Wrocław

The relaxing massage of the whole body was a very pleasant experience. A subtle and very nice touch and calm music make an ideal ambiance for relax. I’m very pleased and I will make another appointment. Another nice possibility is to buy a voucher for a gift. Thank you for the nice time I spent there! 🙂

Barbara (34) Rumia

I had three microdermabrasion treatments in the ANNA PIKURA clinic. The effect was visible just after the first procedure. The skin in smooth and looks fresh. I’m very pleased with the treatments and also with professional approach of the staff.

Joanna Ewa (35) Sopot

I used a series of twelve liposuctions with dermomassage procedures. I’m very satisfied with the effects, and very impressed by the quality of the devices, which you have in the ANNA PIKURA clinic.

Patrycja (26) Gdynia

I had 6 procedures of ultrasonic liposuction with dermomassage for one side of my thighs. Just after the third treatment, I noticed a difference. My skin was firm, “denser” and smooth. The improvement is clearly visible. The procedures were conducted once per week. I’m very satisfied with them and with the service. Complete professionalism. I will take next treatments for sure.

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