RADIESSETM – A new calcium hydroxylapatite therapy.

Radiesse is an innovative preparation which naturally fills up wrinkles by restoring collagen in the patient’s skin; moreover Radiesse superbly shapes face contour.

The main ingredient in this preparation is calcium hydroxylapatite with unique and patented composition. It is identical with hydroxylapatite in human bones and teeth, hence the treatment safety and minimising the possibility of allergic reaction.

Radiesse is approved by Food and Drug Administration as a safe wrinkle-removal preparation.

Substance action

Radiesse works in two ways. The gel deposited in the skin during the procedure gives an instant filling effect. After around 4 months the gel disappears, absorbed by macrophages, and by then it is substituted with new collagen produced by fibroblasts. Collagen is being deposited on a skeleton composed of micro-particles of calcium hydroxylapatite, which in addition – apart from being a peculiar scaffold – stimulate production of collagen fibres. Thanks to that, the skin becomes spontaneously rejuvenated, thicker and more resilient in a natural way.


  • increase of skin density and improvement of its structure without excessive volume increase
  • improvement of the face shape and contour
  • filling nasolabial folds and mentolabial grooves
  • filling sunken cheeks and temples
  • lifting eyebrows
  • lifting corners of lips
  • filling zygomatic areas
  • improvement of the nose contour
  • rejuvenation of the dorsum of hands

The results are instantly visible and persist for 18 months or longer.


The procedure is performed on an area which is anaesthetised with cream prior to the treatment. An aesthetic medicine doctor injects the Radiesse preparation via a very thin needle.

The procedure’s results are instant and become still better visible in the course of time.

Redness, lividity and swelling can occur on the sites of preparation depositions. Those side effects are temporary and vanish after several days, moreover they can be easily covered up with make-up.

Number of procedures

The number of procedures depends on the decision of an aesthetic medicine specialist. When making this decision during the pre-treatment medical examination and consultation, the physician takes into account the patient’s expectations and the state of his/her skin. 1 to 3 procedures are usually performed.


The price depends on amount of the preparation used and is usually determined individually before the procedure.

RadiesseTM – A new calcium hydroxylapatite therapy: price: 1600 PLN

Additional information

Unlike hyaluronic acid, Radiesse is a thermostable preparation, which is important on hot days.

The preparation contains no animal based ingredients, hence there is no need for an allergy test while making a decision about the treatment. Radiesse is completely biocompatible – it is naturally absorbed.

Contraindications and side effects

The assessment of the eligibility for the treatment is made by an aesthetic medicine doctor during a detailed medical consultation. Only adults can be treated.

Contraindications for Radiesse therapy:

  • pregnancy and lactation period
  • autoimmune diseases
  • herpes on the area of the treatment
  • skin inflammation on the area of the treatment
  • unstable diabetes
  • tendency to formation of keloid scars
  • cancer
  • presence of foreign bodies (e.g. golden threads)

The patients are usually able to return to full activity right after the procedure. There is a possibility of a minor lividity, swelling and pain, however, all side effects disappear in the course of several days.

Safety and efficiency of the Radiesse treatment is confirmed by numerous clinical trials.