Natural Gentleness

For varicose skin, prone to redness, irritated and stressed

Specialist procedure for face, neck, and décolleté. With the use of biologically active collagen AP BIOAKTIV, cooling algae mask and sonophoresis. The skin becomes calmed, stronger, and resistant to adverse factors.

Energetic stimulus for the skin

Specialist energy boost recommended for dull skins with signs of weariness and exhaustion. Gentle exfoliation of epidermis with the use of cavitation peel and introducing AP BIOAKTIV collagen via sonophoresis. The skin regains velvet look and brightness.

Rejuvenation for mature skin

Specialist procedure developed for quick regeneration of mature skin, in need of improving face contour and smoothing out wrinkles. The procedure employs beneficent action of AP BIOAKTIV collagen, sonophoresis and algae. No pain, pure pleasure – and becoming younger.

For sensitive skin

Specialist procedure addressed to varicose skin with visible vessels, sensitive, prone to redness. AP BIOAKTIV collagen, sonophoresis and soothing mask will alleviate redness, contracting and strengthening weak capillars.

For skin that is lustreless, with hyperpigmentations of diverse etiology Specialist procedure with AP BIOAKTIV collagen, which helps diminish blotches, and complementary whitening preparations, which reduce excessive pigmentation, hydrate and brighten the skin.

Procedure for men

In-depth specialist procedure developed specially for men’s skin. Cavitation peel cleanses the skin of impurities. AP BIOAKTIV collagen, introduced by unique massage, calms the skin and soothes irritations, regenerates epidermis injured during shaving. Plus relaxing alga mask at the end – and your skin becomes hydrated, regenerated and relaxed.

For eye area

Regenerating and brightening procedure. Biologically active collagen AP BIOAKTIV and algae coupled with sonophoresis will provide in-depth moisture, reduce wrinkles and folds, lighten dark circles under the eyes, strengthen skin of the eye area, restore hydro-lipidic balance and add brightness to your glaqnce.

Beautifying and regeneraton for any skin type

Specialist procedure good for any skin type. In-depth purifying of the skin with cavitation peel and massaging in biologically active collagen AP BIOAKTIV and alga mask at the end will restore natural brilliance and freshness to your complexion, making it perfectly hydrated and regenerated.

Smoothing Mandelic Acid 30%

Mandelic acid, gentle even for sensitive skin, is recommended for dull and grey complexion, rough skin, flaccid, with wrinkles. It restores natural colour and radiance to the skin, reduces surface hyperpigmentations and fine lines, contracts pores, smoothes out the epidermis, balances the activity of sebaceous glands.

Rejuvenating Glycolic Acid 50%

An anti-ageing peel using the in-depth impact of glycolic acid (it exfoliates the skin and restores healthy skin radiance) coupled with vitamins A, C, and E (known for their strong anti-oxidant and anti-wrinkle action), as well as natural substances pampering the skin (white mulberry, brown algae) and eliminating blotches (pyruvic acid, bearberry).
It stimulates microcirculation and cell renewal processes, brightens complexion and and enhances its radiance, smoothes out fine lines and imperfections.

For any skin type

We select natural marine algae depending on the result we wish to obtain. Your skin will become rejuvenated, hydrated and soothed. Duration of procedure – 45-90 min.

For face, neck, and décolleté. The skin becomes purified of the excess of sebum, calmed, matte, irritations are soothed.