Magdalena (51) Gdynia

I have bought 2 series of 3 AP Revitalization treatments with radio waves application for my face and cleavage in the ANNA PIKURA Clinic in Gdynia. Thankfully my beautician recommended to me AP BIOAKTIV White collagen. I have used it twice a day and during the treatments. The results are unbelieveable: my skin is toned, eyelids are lifted up, crow’s feet considerably smaller, skin lightened and firm. My face looks relaxed now.
I want to buy Successlogy cream, which I used after the treatment, because its properties are amazing and improvement of my skin well-being is clearly visible. I have bought AP Mist Rosarium along with the collagen. It is a wonderful cosmetic, and I use it even at work.

Justyna (23) Kraków

I have fought with oily skin problems for a few years. Am I glad that I’m among oily skin owners? The answer is not so simple. I know my skin will have less wrinkles in the future, and that wrinkles will appear much later than on dry skin of my peers. The answer will be negative, however, if some problems I’ve observed for some time prevail. Oily skin means visible pores, inelegant shine and irregular color of the skin, blackheads – both closed an opened – and inflammations. This leads to acne, which is not a pleasure. Correct choice of cosmetics for my skin became a real challenge: There are so many brands and cosmetics – and their number is still growing – so I had wide choice. I’d managed to choose cosmetics appropriate for make-up removal, washing, toning and even for make-up, but I had a really big problem: cream. I did not expect the selection of cream appropriate for my skin would be so difficult, I felt like looking for a needle in a haystack. I knew which ingredients I was looking for, but not every cream had them, and even if it did, I noticed with regret that my skin did not react well to them. I almost gave up, but fortunately I learned about the ANNA PIKURA brand. I began to use the Matmatique cream just two months ago and so far it hit the mark for me! It not only contain the substances I want – aloe vera and rosemary extracts – but also algae and birch extracts. I noticed difference just after two weeks of usage! My skin has become smoother and firmer, moreover, as I noticed with surprise and satisfaction, an overproduction of sebum has decreased, so my skin is not so gray now, as it used to be. Since I began to use Matmatique, skin rashes have been much rarer occurrences and if they show up anyway, they are barely visible. This cream really cleanses my skin and makes it smoother in the same time.
And – which I noticed with great pleasure – this is the first cream which does not ‘clog up’ my skin and yet it is still moisturizing. Moreover, I would like to say that this cream is also very efficient. I have used just 1/5 of one jar although I use it twice a day! Another important fact is that make-up can be applied after this cream and will not be disrupted by it in any way. I’m very happy with the Matmatique cream and its effects. I’m glad such a cream was created and it is of Polish origin. I want to thank Ms. Anna for her efforts in taking care of the skin of Poles. I will try another product of this brand! Best regards! 🙂

Beata (51) Strzelce Krajeńskie

After passing the age of 45, my own ways to keep beauty and youth were no longer satisfactory. I think our skin at that age begins to resemble a sweater, which has been worn every day and has become stretched and used. When I learned about the ANNA PIKURA collagen, I decided to give it a try, perhaps in my case the effects would also be miraculous? And they were! I had an impression that collagen infiltrated my skin and, to use my parallel, penetrated the fibers of my sweater, making it shorter and more elastic, so ‘the sweater’ became tighter and regained its shape. Moreover, before the therapy my skin was similar to a punctured bag – all precious ingredients of various cosmetics would just ‘fall out’, but after the collagen therapy, even after the use of inexpensive creams, my skin would become prettier and prettier.
Every morning, when I moisturized my skin with thermal water and applied the collagen gel, I felt that my skin became brighter, as if in a thankful smile. It has lifted my spirit every time. Next I would make very subtle, barely visible make-up and it was enough to look really good. The colleagues from work noticed that (a few of them reluctantly) and made me confess what was I doing with my skin. I have used collagen both in capsules and in the form of gel. Moreover I have used the graphite collagen, which works not only on skin, but also makes hairs and eyelashes stronger.
The whole therapy took about one year, but the first effects have become visible just after two months. I think, that every women needs to have her own secret jar of AP collagen just to make our beauty last a little longer. We have a chance to gain more beauty over time, as our faces become capable of showing our deep spirituality and the richness of our experiences.

Grażyna (48) Wrocław

I have used AP BIOAKTIV collagen White on my face, and Grey on my body. The therapy took about two years, but I noticed the first effects after the first application. Due to the collagen use, I observed lifting effect on my face contour. My skin became smoother, more toned and brighter. I have only positive impressions! Because of the sense of the skin being tense I apply cream on my face just after collagen infiltration, because I feel best this way.

Katarzyna Warszawa

My niece (24) had stretch marks on her breasts and she has cured then with the ANNA PIKURA collagen. Thyroid problems are our family issue and due to them my niece gained weight and new, reddish stretch marks appeared, but I gave her the Grey collagen and the stretch marks vanished without a trace!

Barbara (81) Wrocław

I have used AP BIOAKTIV collagen White for over ten years now. I need two jars per year. Despite the fact that I’m 80 years old, my wrinkles are small and the skin is well nourished. Collagen is very efficient. I had a Deszcz Majowy (Rain In May) treatment in the ANNA PIKURA clinic, and results are positive. I advised my daughter to use collagen. She does that regularly despite the fact, that she is an allergic. The collagen brings its positive effects even to her extremely sensitive skin.

Anna (46) Wrocław

Sacrum is a miracle. Very subtle scent, wonderful color and consistency. Skin becomes alive and is transformed. To complete the picture, I should mention the beautiful jar.

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