Zabiegi na dłonie i stopy


A strongly regenerating procedure for hands. It smoothes and brightens the skin.

Price: 50 PLN

A brightening procedure for hands’ skin, which also improves elasticity and makes skin velvet smooth. Recommended for damaged and discoloured skin.

Price: 120 PLN


Manicure 55 – 60 PLN (French)

Pedicure 80-85 PLN (French)

Hybrid CND Shellac ANNA PIKURA manicure

Shellac of the American CND (Creative Nail Design) company is the world’s cutting edge nail art. It combines nail varnish-like easiness of application with endurance of a gel, however, without their flaws.

The hybrid nail color allows you to forget about all drawbacks of regular nail varnish: impermanence, quick lose of shine, time necessary for the lacquer to harden and the most important of all, the damage done by the gel or acrylic and the procedure of its removal to the nail plates.

Hybrid CND Shellac nail colour offers:

-Long-lasting colour and intense shine, which will not fade after several days. The fingernails look like straight from the beauty parlour all the time.

-Durability of at least 14 (and often 21) days without slightest damages, chips or streaks, or deteriorating look.

-Complete safety of nail plates due to the lack of harmful or toxic substances (e.g. formaldehyde, toluene or DPB.)

-Healthy protection of nail plates in activities with a risk of nail’s injury.

Hybrid nail color is the world’s only non-invasive method of nail art not harmful to the nail plates’ structure or weakening it. The procedure consists of applying three different layers of UV gel (special UV CND lamp is scientifically considered harmless and way safer than standard UV lamps used in beauty parlours). Duration of the procedure is about 50 to 60 minutes and its results hold for at least two weeks. After that period, the hybrid CND Shellac manicure can be professionally removed – which might be necessary due to the natural process of nail growth – in the parlour. The removal process is safe for nail plates.


Manicure: 80-100 PLN (French)

Pedicure: 100-120 PLN (French)

An absolute stunner! The revolutionary nail varnishes VINYLUX by CND. VINYLUX is a breakthrough in nail art. Exposure to natural light increases adhesiveness of those varnishes to the nails, which makes the varnish stay on the nails for over a week without use of a base. When other varnishes brittle and chip off, VINYLUX remains intact and lets us enjoy a perfect manicure. Moreover, VINYLUX can be removed with regular nail varnish remover, which helps save time. VINYLUX dries up quickly and has an incredible shine. Find out about our discovery and enjoy intense colours and extra durability of VINYLUX varnishes!


-manicure: 60 PLN

-pedicure: 100 PLN

-nail painting (one colour): 20 PLN

-FRENCH nail painting: 25 PLN

-ornamental nail painting: 30 PLN

During the procedure, no metal utensils are used, paper nail files and sticks made of orange wood are used instead.

 The procedure consists of nail shaping, pushing back cuticles//CHODZI O ODSUWANIE SKÓREK?//, applying softening emulsion and nourishing oil to the cuticles, polishing the nail plates, application of fragrant sugar peel and moisturising balm.


-manicure: 40 PLN (duration: 30 minutes)

-pedicure: 65 PLN (duration: 45 minutes)