Hair Loss Therapy

Needle mesotherapy is effective in the treatment of hair loss. The treatment results in hair nourishment, strengthening, regeneration, suppression and stimulation of growth. This applies to the hair on the head as well as the eyebrows and hair of the pubic mound.

The mesotherapy treatment involves the administration of a very sub-epidermal cocktail with hyaluronic acid and a number of other substances, intended for administration within the skin of the scalp.

Another method of scalp therapy is the treatment with the use of platelet-rich plasma. Platelet rich plasma is a concentrated platelet concentrate in a small plasma volume. It is obtained by centrifuging blood collected from the patient immediately before the procedure. It contains an increased amount of platelets, and therefore numerous growth factors, so that it can stimulate regenerative processes.


The treatment of falling hair will surely make dreams come true for people who dream about dense and strong hair full of light and volume. Needle mesotherapy treatment is definitely a revolutionary way to deal with the regeneration of hair and scalp. The injection of active substances directly into the hair follicles is an extremely effective way to have beautiful and healthy hair.

The use of mesotherapy allows you to enjoy effects that are much better than the negligible effects of applying creams and lotions on the hair growth. The preparation in the needle goes deeper, namely to the dermis.


  • reduces the symptoms of hair loss (after the first treatment!),
  • revitalizes hair follicles and stimulates circulation – forcing the hair to gradually regrow (effect especially visible after subsequent treatments)
  • the hair becomes thicker and more dense,
  • moisturizes and nourishes the scalp.


Needle mesotherapy in the treatment of hair loss – is performed extremely accurately, the so-called coat method. The thin needle is inserted every 1-1.5 cm in the entire treated area. This definitely increases the effectiveness of the therapy. The medicinal substances are given very superficially. The treatment must be repeated several times to achieve a better result.

During the therapy with the use of platelet-rich plasma, in the first stage the doctor takes a small amount of blood from the vein into a special tube with a sterile gel (separator), which is centrifuged in a centrifuge adapted for the procedure. Within 5 minutes, erythrocytes and leukocytes separate from platelet containing platelets. A special reagent, which activates thrombocytes (the growth factors are released) is added to the test tube just before the procedure is performed. In this way, a preparation is obtained, which includes platelet-rich plasma. The agent prepared in this way is applied to the patient’s scalp using mesotherapy needles.

If necessary, a high sensitivity to pain, the injected skin can be desensitized using a spray drug.


At the Clinic Anna Pikura is a doctor, taking into account the condition of the skin and the patient’s needs, selects the appropriate number of repetitions of the procedure. As a standard, to achieve the best effect in hair loss treatment, the treatment should be repeated from 8 to 12 times. It’s a good idea to do a series of treatments 7-14 days apart.


Mesococtail – scalp – baldness therapy from 350 PLN
The price depends on the amount of preparation used.


A patient seeking treatment for platelet-rich plasma does not have to be fasted.


Each time the doctor will qualify for the procedure after a thorough interview and examination. Only adults can undergo the treatment.

Contraindications for the use of hair loss treatments include:

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • skin inflammation, e.g. herpes, purulent skin conditions,
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • a tendency to the formation of keloids
  • taking certain medicines (blood thinners, antibiotics, anticancer medicines).

Immediately after the procedure, you can return to normal activities, although usually at the place of injection there is swelling, small hematomas and redness, which pass spontaneously after a few days.