Collagen is a main construction material of the skin, and due to its presence skin is healthy, youthful and has its tonicity. It is well known that collagen production in our bodies decreases as time goes by. The weakening of collagen fibres causes decrease in skin tonicity. Since 25th year of age, we begin losing 1.5 % of our collagen per year. This is the main reason behind development of the first wrinkles!

Collagen appeared in medicine a dozen or so years ago and has been successfully used since then in the form of preparations and surgical dressings during gynaecological, surgical and neurological procedures. It is also used in post surgical prophylaxis, during wound or diabetes related ulceration healing process.

LINERASE is a modern and safe preparation used in aesthetic medicine. It does not cause allergic reactions or side effects. It is registered as a medical component. Collagen is applicable together with lidocaine. Thanks to such a composition, the procedure of its use is in fact painless. LINERASE is the only collagen available on the market designed specifically for use during aesthetic medicine procedures.

Substance action

Type I collagen is the most common in the body. It is a structural component of tendons, scar tissue, bone tissue and also skin connective tissue and subcutaneous layer. Collagen is decomposed by collagenase – characteristic enzyme, found in many organisms. Changes in the face contour and gravity-induced wrinkles are among the effects of collagen degradation.

The Italian LINERASE collagen replenishes deficits of skin collagen and also regenerates and reconstructs tissues. This substance stimulates fibroblast cells to produce new fibres of tissue filling endogenic collagen.

Collagen is an extraordinary substance, used in combatting skin damages, wrinkles, loss of skin tonicity, post-acne, post-surgical and atrophic scars, stretch marks and wounds, with superb results.


  • revitalization of the skin of face, neck, cleavage and hands
  • regeneration of the dermis’ connective tissue (optimal physiological conditions for creation of new collagen)
  • improvement of skin tonicity and density
  • smoothing and reduction of wrinkles
  • natural skin moisturisation and brightening up
  • reduction of various scars (including post-acne scars)
  • regaining of skin’s youthful look

The first results of treatment become visible after 7 to 14 days. Skin is more resilient, denser and gets a younger look. Results remain even one year after the treatment. Scars reduction is permanent.


The procedure is similar to the regular needle mesotherapy. Prior to the procedure, the injection area is desensitised by the use of special cream. Thanks to a lower number of needle re-insertions and applying the preparation to deeper skin layers, the treatment is less painful than mesotherapy.

In the Anna Pikura Clinic we care for our patients’ comfort, so every procedure is conducted with maximum gentleness and meticulosity by experienced aesthetic medicine doctors.

Number of procedures

Although the ultimate number of procedures is always determined individually by an aesthetic medicine doctor, usually in order to achieve satisfying results 4 procedures are needed with two week breaks between them.


In the Anna Pikura Clinic, the prices are determined individually with our customers and often depend on the type and the amount of the preparation applied.

The price for the collagen procedure: 1200 PLN

Additional information

It is worth to remember that LINERASE is entirely different than the collagen found in creams and face care cosmetics. It is a substance that is hypoallergenic and safely dissolves in the skin (it is biodegradable).

The treatment guarantees 100% natural results. It is worthwhile to merge this therapy with the platelet-rich plasma treatment or the moisturising mesotherapy, in order to achieve more spectacular results and to make the skin deeply regenerated and nourished.

Contraindications and side effects

Assessment of the eligibility for the treatment is always conducted by means of medical interview and examination by the physician who is going to perform the procedures. Only adult persons can be eligible.


  • pregnancy and lactation period
  • skin inflammation (i.e. active herpes, purulent skin inflammation)
  • autoimmune diseases
  • tendency to formation of keloid scars
  • cancer
  • unstable diabetes.

The patient can return to normal daily activity directly after the procedure, however, swelling, redness, itchiness, tenderness and small bruises can occur on the treated area. All symptoms will fade spontenously in the course of several days. The collagen itself does not cause any side effects. Remember to not merge LINERASE collagen treatment with chemical peelings, dermabrasion or laser treatment.