Aesthetic gynaecology

Discomfort and a feeling of dryness in intimate areas, abrasions, common after a bike- or horse riding or even lengthy sitting, oppressive and recurring intimate infections – all those symptoms increase with age. The cause of that is a decline of tonicity of the pudendal lips.

Aesthetic gynaecology treatments help get rid of the discomfort, increase woman’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

In the Anna Pikura Clinic, we use one of aesthetic gynaecology’s innovative procedures – filling and revitalization of the pudendal lips with hyaluronic acid.

Substance’s action

A therapy called labioplasty of the large pudendal lips restores tonicity and elasticity of the large pudendal lips, which slowly lose them with age or significant weight loss. The function of the large pudendal lips is to protect the small pudendal lips and the vaginal vestibule. They protect place covered with mucous membrane protecting woman’s body against penetrating harmful external factors. The mucous membrane, functioning properly, should be moist all the time. When atrophy of the large pudendal lips occurs, the mucous membrane is exposed to drying up. Due to decrease of the large pudendal lips’ volume, they become too small to correctly protect the vulva, which causes itchiness and discomfort, hindering the patient’s daily functioning.

An injection of hyaluronic acid moisturizes and quickly restores the former volume of the pudendal lips and prevents abrasions of vulva caused by wearing tight-fitting clothes or playing sports.


  • moisturization
  • restoration of the former pudendal lips’ volume
  • firming the skin
  • improved and rejuvenated look
  • preventing abrasions

The treatment effect persists for even 2 years and becomes visible in the first week after the procedure. The preparation is enriched with mannitol – antioxidant which additionally prevents hyaluronic acid’s absorption and prolongs its functioning.


Prior to the procedure, an aesthetic medicine doctor interviews the patient to know her expectations and needs.

Desirial and Desirial+ special fillers are used in the procedures. Both preparations are registered for injections to intimate areas.

The procedure is short and painless due to anaesthesia – similar to the one applied during dentistry procedures – applied to the area of the hyaluronic acid injections. The next step consists of symmetrical application of preparation to both large pudendal lips via a thin round-ended needle.

The patient can return to her normal daily activities right after the procedure.

Number of procedures

One procedure is usually sufficient to achieve extraordinary results, but the number of procedures depends on the patient’s needs and the physician’s decision. The effects persist for as long as 2 years, and after that period the physician decides whether to continue the therapy.


The price is determined individually with the patient during a consultation and depends on the amount of the preparation used for the procedure.

The prices of Desirial begin from 1600 PLN.

Additional information

Desirial is the world’s first line of totally resorbable implants based on natural hyaluronic acid with patented IPN-like formulation. Desirial contains also an anti-oxidizing agent – mannitol, protecting the hyaluronic acid against absorption and as a result prolonging its functioning. Moreover, Desiral helps biostimulate outer skin layers of the intimate area.

Contraindications and side effects

The assessment of the patient’s eligibility for the treatment is always made by a physician after a detailed interview and medical examination. Only adults can be eligible.

Contradictions for usage of hyaluronic acid based preparations:

  • pregnancy and lactation
  • skin inflammation (i.e. active herpes, purulent skin inflammation)
  • autoimmune diseases
  • tendency to formation of keloid scars
  • granuloma and calluses after previous procedures
  • intake of some drugs (blood thinners, antibiotics, anticancer drugs)
  • planned laser (or other light source) procedures have to be performed before the therapy

Regular activities can be undertaken right after the procedure, however, some discomfort in the area treated may still occur. All side effect will vanish in the course of several days.