Laserotherapy - Laser sPTF+ 

The world’s most modern laser approved by US Food and Drug Administration to be used in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. It makes use of the newest medical and technological ideas. Its patented technology combines light and heat energy and it is superior to older lasers in respect of safety and performance.

It allows to perform different treatments on different skin areas thanks to fluent and precise function selection. The laser is equipped with optical filters, which allows to use precise chosen length of light waves (range from 400 nm up to 1200 nm). This feature allows to perform treatments on different skin layers, from epidermis (e.g. discolorations removal and blood vessels correction) deep into dermis (what allows hair removal for instance).

Dual Laser sPTF+ applications

  • hair removal
  • skin regeneration and rejuvenation
  • blood vessels closing
  • blotches removal
  • acne and rosacea control.

Dual Laser sPTF+ advantages over earlier technologies
Precise functions adjustments to the needs of patients’ skin and deep action on surfaces of any size.
98.8% efficiency.

Complete painlessness of the treatments achieved thanks to a patented system of air cooling of the working head and other modern solutions.

Absolute safety
Elimination of a harmful UV radiation.
Elimination of the danger of burns due to the use of a patented system of light dispersion.

Recommendations before treatment

  • Do not use a creams containing retinol, AHA or vitamin C because of their sensitiveness increasing effect.
  • Avoid UV radiation (do not sunbathe) for two weeks before the first treatment to minimize light absorption by tan.
  • Do not consume herbs or drugs which cause photosensitizing effect (hypericum, calendula, pansy, horsetail). Do not consume drinks containing beta-Carotene.
  • The skin should be washed and no cosmetics applied.

Contraindications to Dual Laser sPTF+ treatments

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Active herpes
  • Retinol therapy (six months waiting period)
  • Steroid therapy
  • Hormone cosmetics usage (three months waiting period)
  • Skin diseases (albinism, psoriasis)
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Skin cancer
  • Oversensitivity to light
  • Internal implants

Detailed interview will be conducted beforehand.

Handling advantages

  • A much lighter working head, which makes the use easier.
  • Higher reliability.
  • Fluent and quick choice of a function (in just three steps).
  • The device is much smaller and lighter (only 15 kg) and therefore it offers a much better mobility.

The treatments

Dual Laser sPTF+ photo-epilation

The efficiency of this most modern hair removal technology is an result of a wide range of device adjustment possibilities. This method contains five levels of light dose rate, so it is possible to make fine adjustments to individual requirements.

Photo-epilation requires the higher range of the wave lengths, therefore the appropriate filters are used. This wave length penetrates deep and is efficient in hair removal, even in a case of fair and gray hairs. Unlike the monochromatic lasers, Dual Laser sPTF+ allows for adjustment of treatments to the Client’s needs and can be used on the face area and on other typical body areas, as calves, forearms, armpits, bikini area, torso, back and so on.

Recommendations for photo-epilation with Dual Laser sPTF+

  • Undesirable hairs due to aesthetic reasons.
  • Excessive hair due to hormonal imbalances (after stabilizing hormone level).
  • Ingrown hairs.
  • Skin sensitive or overly sensitive to traditional depilation methods.

Recommendations before treatment

  • Do not sunbathe (at least for three weeks prior to treatment).
  • Do not apply traditional epilation methods (for one month or more prior to treatment).
  • Do not use drugs or exfoliation treatments (for at least one week before treatment).
  • The skin in the area of the planned treatment must be shaven (not earlier, than one day before treatment).
  • Do not use a deodorant. Wash and dry your skin (just before the treatment).

Recommendations after treatment

  • Do not sunbathe (for at least four weeks).
  • Do not use photosensitizers (e.g. hypericum, calendula) and some antibiotics.
  • Do not use alcohol based soaps, deodorants or antiperspirants.



  • Whole face – 200-250 zł;
  • Sideburns – 250 zł;
  • Chin – od 150 zł;
  • Cheeks – 150 zł;
  • Upper lip – 150 zł.


  • Calves (with knees) – 400 zł;
  • Thighs (front and back) – 400 zł;
  • Bikini area border – 150-200 zł;
  • Armpits – 150 zł;
  • Neck – 190 zł;
  • Arms – 150-200 zł;
  • Forearms – 150-200 zł;
  • Stomach – 200 zł;
  • Buttocks – 200 zł;
  • Torso – from 250 zł;
  • Back (upper half) – from 250 zł;
  • Back (whole) – 450 zł;
  • Nipples – 120 zł.

The laser light stimulates fibroblast cells to produce new collagen and elastin fibers. The heat created at the same time stimulates blood circulation and improves blood supply. The skin becomes smoother and better nourished, regains its elasticity and firmness, the skin complexion becomes more even and the rejuvenation effect takes place.

The laser shortens and reconfigures the fibers of collagen. During regeneration of their bonds, stimulation of collagen synthesis occurs. The visible effects of this process are narrowed pores, reduced discolorations and visible blood vessels, shallowed wrinkles and furrows, elimination of dark circles under eyes. Moreover, Dual Laser sPTF+ can be used to combat skin keratosis and roughness.

How often? How many times?
A series of five to eight procedures is recommended every two to six weeks. After that one treatment per three months just to sustain effects. The results become visible three weeks after the first procedure.

The photorejuvenation can also serve as an auxiliary therapy during a treatment for blood vessels issues and various discolorations (freckles, age spots and so on).

Recommendation after treatment
Protect the skin from UV exposure for no less than two weeks. During this period, shield your skin with clothes and cosmetics containing high grade UV filters. Photosensitizers need to be avoided.



  • Whole face 300 zł;
  • Face+neck+décolletage 700 zł;
  • Neck 150 zł;
  • Forehead 190 zł;
  • Cheeks 190 zł;
  • Décolletage 250 zł;
    • Collagen application after the treatment 30 zł;
    • Ampoule before the treatment, selected individually by the cosmetologist 30 zł;
    • Algae mask 30 zł;
    • Hylauronic acid sheet mask for the treatment 30 zł;
    • Cream mask 20 zł;


  • Palms 100 zł,
    • Secret Gloves for the treatment 50 zł;
  • Arms 250 zł.

The Dual Laser sPTF+ is able to lighten vascular changes and to remove them completely after several procedures. The best results can be achieved in the case of a fair complexion and very clearly visible capillaries. This method is extremely efficient in the case of vascular changes in the form of erythema and inflammatory vascular changes, so it is strongly recommendable for people suffering from rosacea.

How the Dual Laser sPTF+ impacts vascular changes
The light waves of an appropriate length penetrate the skin, where the are absorbed by the hemoglobin in blood vessels. Due to this process, the widening of the capillaries – the cause of rosacea – is eliminated. The damaged capillaries are precisely destroyed with no damage to nearby tissues, and after some time excreted naturally from the body without interrupting the normal metabolism.

Quantity of the therapeutic sessions vary and depends from the scale of the damage. Several damaged capillaries can be removed just in one session, but larger quantities require more sessions (up to over a dozen in most severe cases). The sessions should be conducted every several weeks. When planning the therapy, the cosmetologists specify the quantity, diameters, color and depth of the capillaries.



  • Whole face 300 zł;
  • Single capillary – 50-200 zł (price established individually);
  • Nose/nose wings – 100-150 zł;
  • Cheeks 200 zł.


  • Legs – 150-500 zł (price established individually).

The discolorations are the result of a disturbance in a production and distribution of melanin in the skin. They can appear in a form of stains of different shapes and sizes and become more visible if exposed to UV radiation, so the sunbathing is definitely to be avoided.

Due to its selective impact on problematic areas, Dual Laser sPTF+ light causes heating up and destruction of cells with an excess of melanin without disturbances in normal areas. It eliminates freckles, sunspots, lentigos, acne spots, liver spots and spots caused by photosensitizing drugs. The Dual Laser sPTF+ treatment is also effective in the case of chloasma as well as discolorations caused by tissues’ inflammation.

Right after the treatment, the blotches become darker, but they peel off some time later and disappear. Two to five procedures with three to six weeks gaps in between are recommended.

The anti-discoloration therapy with the Dual Laser sPTF+ treats only the symptoms, so it does not cure the causes of the problem and new blotches can still appear, especially if the skin is exposed often to UV radiation.



  • Whole face – 300 zł
  • Nose – 150 zł
  • Cheeks – 200 zł
  • Forehead – 200 zł
  • Décolletage – 250 zł


  • Palms – 250 zł,
    • Microdermabrasion pretreatment – 50 zł,
  • Back 200-800 zł (price established individually)

The Dual Laser sPTF+ is one of the best methods to the elimination of acne – both the common acne and the rosacea. This occurs due to the absorption of a precisely adjusted PTF light by the porphyrin, which causes a monomorphism of the oxyanions, this in turn eliminates the acne inflicting bacteria. An optimal adjustment of the energy and the duration of heating reduces widened pores, causes the healing of small wounds and eczemas, shallows scars and prevents a formation of new pustules.
The procedures should be performed once every week or every two weeks (depending of the skin’s condition).


Face: from 100 zł for face part.
Body: 150-300 zł (price established individually).