Laser hair removal

sPTF+ is the world’s most modern laser approved by Food and Drug Administration for usage in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. The device is based on the latest achievements in medicine and engineering. The efficiency of this newest hair removal technology arises from the possibility of wide range of customizing its function. The method offers five different levels of intensity. That allows precise adjustments to the patient’s needs.

Filters letting through the higher part of wavelength range are employed for photo-depilation. That part of the range penetrates deeper and removes also bright and grey hair. sPTF+ – unlike monochromatic lasers – allows for adjustments to the patient’s needs. This photo-depilation method can be used on both face and other typical body parts like calves, forearms, armpits, bikini area, torso, back and so on.

Recommendations for sPTF+ hair removal:

  • hairs unwanted due to cosmetic reasons
  • excessive hairiness caused by hormonal/endocrinologic disorders (after stabilisation or treating the disorder)
  • ingrown hairs
  • sensitive or oversensitive skin, which rules out traditional hair removal methods.

Additional advice before the treatment:

  • do not sunbathe (for at least 3 weeks before the procedure)
  • do not remove hair by other methods (wax, cream, depilator or pincers) for 1 month before the procedure
  • do not use drugs or treatments which make skin peel off (for at least 1 week before the procedure)
  • shave skin in the area of the planned procedure (on the same day or 1 day before)
  • wash and dry your skin (do not use deodorant) just before the procedure.

Advice after the treatment:

  • do not sunbathe (for at least 4 weeks)
  • go off the substances and plants which increase skin’s sensitivity to light (St John’s wort, marigold, some antibiotics).
  • avoid alcohol-based cosmetics (some soaps, deodorants or antiperspirants).



Whole face 200-250 PLN;

Sides: 250 PLN;

Chin: from 150 PLN;

Cheeks: 150 PLN;

Upper lip: 150 PLN.


Calves (with knees): 400 PLN;

Thighs (front + back): 400 PLN;

Bikini line: from 150 PLN up to 200 PLN;

Full bikini: 250 PLN;

Armpits: 150 PLN;

Neck: 190 PLN;

Arms: from 150 up to 200 PLN;

Forearms: from 150 up to 200 PLN;

Abdomen: 200 PLN;

Buttocks :200 PLN;

Torso: from 250 PLN;

Back (upper part): from 250 PLN;

Back (lower part): from 250 PLN;

Back (whole): 450 PLN;

Nipples: 120 PLN.