Equipment treatments

Carboxytherapy Amelie

One of the most efficient and safest methods in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.
A specialist carbon dioxide treatment.

Wrinkles and folds? Scars and stretch marks? Advanced-stage cellulite? Excess adipose tissue? Hair loss? There is an effective solution to these problems: It’s medical carbon dioxide, which gives skin a powerful impulse for regeneration.

Carboxytherapy stimulates metabolism in the skin and boosts renewal processes. That is why it has a wide variety of possibilities. It can impact every skin layer as well as neighboring tissues, blood vessels and fat cells.

In a non-invasive way, it enables desirable aesthetic effects in case of problems which are difficult to cope with by traditional methods.
Carboxytherapy Amelie – Poland’s first individualistic, intelligent, intuitive procedure of carboxytherapy.

Certified equipment operates on medical class carbon dioxide Laparos, characterized by exceptional asepsis and purity ca. 99.5%.

6 Unique, Original Procedure Programs

Intelligent Equipment
3I’s – Individualistic, Intelligent, Intuitive
The device Amelie adapts treatmens to individual needs of the patient, and in an intelligent way, it determines the dose of CO2, regulates its flow and denotes the exact spots to be injected according to the indications and the area being treated. Enables intuitive handling, providing the person performing the procedure with all the important information.

Painless Treatment
2H0P – Double Heath No Pain
Ensuring comfort during the procedure is a unique trait of the Amelie device. The system of double heathing of the gas reduces unpleasant sensations and enables painless procedure.

Controlled CO2 Flow
CO2.C – Carbon Dioxide Flow Control
The carbon dioxide flow and dose determine both the efficiency of the procedure and its safety. Those parameters are controlled by the CO2.C module, regulating CO2 flow within the range 1–150cc/min.

Deaerating System
A/O – Air-Out Safety System
The device Amelie is furnished with multiple safety measures which ensure eliminating air from each and every part of the device. It precludes the possibility of intracutaneous administering of air, which could cause persisting puffiness.

Aseptic CO2
2SF – Two-Stage Filtering System
There is a two-stage CO2 filtering system installed in the Amelie device which ensures the gas applied in the procedure is of the highest sterility possible.

Medical Class Certificate
The device is a certified equipment. It operates on medical class carbon Laparos of ca. 99.5% purity and exceptional asepsis, typical for medical class equipment.

The technology goes back to the 1932 France, where carbon dioxide was first applied in treatment of blood vessels. Today’s clinically tested method, of low invasiveness, prefectly safe, consists in administering controlled doses of aseptic carbon dioxide by means of microinjections, with the temperature and pace of administering set individually for each patient, depending on the problem and on the area of face or body being treated. Carbon dioxide for therapeutic use has been medically certified and is completely neutral to the human body.


  • Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes
  • Wrinkles
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Lion’s wrinkle
  • Cellulite, even an advanced stage
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars
  • Reducing adipose tissue (e.g. double chin or the so-called ‘breeches’)
  • Hair loss
  • Poor skin firmness and resilience
  • Psoriasis

Duration time:
20 – 90 min., depending on the area being treated


Area 1 session PACKET 4 sessions PACKET 8 sessions PACKET 10 sessions
Eyes 120 zł 439 zł 799 zł 899 zł
Face 200 zł 759 zł 1439 zł 1689 zł
Forehead 150 zł 559 zł 1039 zł 1199 zł
Neck 150 zł 559 zł 1039 zł 1199 zł
Face + neck 250 zł 959 zł 1839 zł 2299 zł
Cleavage 200 zł 759 zł 1439 zł 1689 zł
Face + neck + cleavage 300 zł 1159 zł 2239 zł 2699 zł
Second chin, removal 150 zł 559 zł 1039 zł 1199 zł
Lion’s wrinkle 100 zł 350 zł 639 zł 699 zł
Head (skin) 250 zł 959 zł 1839 zł 1199 zł
Breasts 200 zł 759 zł 1439 zł 1699 zł
Abdomen 200 zł 759 zł 1439 zł 1699 zł
Thighs, whole area 220 zł 839 zł 1599 zł 1899 zł
Arms 200 zł 759 zł 1439 zł 1699 zł
Abdomen + thighs 350 zł 1359 zł 2639 zł 3199 zł
Thighs + buttocks 300 zł 1159 zł 2239 zł 2699 zł
Knees 120 zł 439 zł 799 zł 899 zł

Any problems with looks vanish into thin air. Quite literally! Plasma beam makes skin cells sublimate. The unwanted excess of skin disappears, the skin becomes smooth, firm and toned.

Plasma, ‘the fourth state of matter,’ as it is called by some, turns out to be an excellent, non-invasive instrument of natural lifting. During the procedure, plasma is generated between the skin and the electrode, i.e. the device’s ending. Not only does it stimulate rebuilding collagen and elastine fibres, but also enables non-invasive removal of lesions. The ‘excess of skin’ – a characteristic symptom of the passing of time – is reduced even by 30 percent.

The plasma beam procedure is a spectacular way to replace blepharoplasty, i.e. surgical correcting droopy eyelids. It also enables removing wrinkles, restores firmness to sagging skin, reduces scars, spots, acne, visible blood vessels. The procedure is enriched by Anna Pikura bio-preparations: hydrolate from white rose and biologically active collagen or hyaluronic acid. The procedure is topped by an original mask (algae, cream or gel mask) and individually selected botanic bio-cream.


  • Sagging face contour
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Flabby skin
  • Wrinkles (including smoker’s wrinkles and ear area wrinkles)
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars (including acne scars)
  • Dark spots
  • Acne
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Warts

Recommended series:
2–3 sessions, with 14 – 28 day intervals

The effects are visible almost immediately and they remain up to 2–4 years.
The procedure does not disturb everyday life, some skin irritation that might occur for the first few days may be covered with camouflage makeup.

The duration times below include also anaesthetization time (45 min.)


Drooping upper eyelids 1000 zł, duration 75 min.
Lower eyelids 1000 zł , duration 75 min.
Upper eyelids + lower eyelids Special Offer 1800 zł instead of 2000 zł, duration 75 min.
Smoker’s wrinkles 450 zł, duration 75 min.
Crow’s feet 500 zł, duration 75 min.
Face lifting 2000 zł, duration 90 min.
Forehead 500 zł, duration 60 min.
Nasolabial folds 450 zł, duration 60 min.
Lion’s wrinkle 250 zł, duration 60 min.
Chin 300 zł, duration 75 min.
Hands 250 zł, duration 75 min.
Scars from 150 zł – the price determined individually depending from the size and number of scars, duration: od 60 min.
Age spots, lentigos – from 100 zł, every next spot during one session 30 zł

The duration times include also anaesthetization time (45 min.)