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Instant Lifting F-peel

An instantly beautifying procedure to be performed prior to banquets.

Quick and totally safe way to immediate rejuvenation.

Instant Lifting effect restores fresh, relaxed and younger look as with a touch of a magic wand. The peel with ferulic acid instantly improves the skin’s wellbeing. It visually rejuvenates and regenerates the skin and normalises its colour by removal of discolourations. It allows to achieve the desired effect just before important events.

Ferulic acid works as a potent antioxidant, protects cellular DNA and neutralises free radicals. It easily penetrates the epidermis due to the content of phloretin. An addition of lactic acid improves skin’s moisturisation and provides proper protection by stimulating synthesis of ceramides.

Facial procedure

Price: 200 PLN

Duration: 45 minutes

Face+neck+cleavage procedure

Price: 250 PLN

Duration: 60 minutes.

Special offers!

Packet of 4 facial procedures: 699 PLN

Packet of 4 face+neck+cleavage procedures: 899 PLN

Normalising and cleaning procedure for couperose skin, and in case of acne and rosacea.

Refreshed and gently tonified skin, decreased symptoms of acne, reduced redness and discolourations – these are the effects of an innovative Azelac procedure based on azelaic acid.

Azelaic acid – a new discovery of cosmetology – has an outstandingly broad work spectrum and it seems to be just perfect for extensive elimination of causes and symptoms of most annoying skin conditions. It is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent, combatting free radicals, normalising the production of sebum and preventing its decomposition to substances which increase unfavourable skin lesions. It prevents formation of blackheads and discolourations, at the same time reducing current ones, hence its usage in the treatment of acne, rosacea, discolourations, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

Azelac procedure is well tolerated even by sensitive or couperose skin and consists of application of azelaic acid. Additional effects can be achieved by latter usage of the AP BIOAKTIV collagen or other natural preparations chosen with individual skin’s needs in mind.

Procedure’s results

  • reduction of sebum secretion
  • natural matting and smoothing of skin
  • decreasing acne, reducing pores, elimination of blackheads
  • elimination of redness and lumps
  • decreasing discolourations and post-acne scars
  • regeneration and rejuvenation of sensitive skin

For whom?

For persons with rosacea, acne, psoriasis, folliculitis, melanoderma and other discolourations.

When? How often?

AZELAC can be used all year round – including summer. Even one procedure results in visible improvement of skin’s look and wellbeing, but the best results can be achieved with a series of 4 to 8 procedures performed every 7 to 14 days.

What to pay attention to?

After the procedure and during the series of procedures one should avoid skin-irritating factors (e.g. washing face with hard water, usage of scented soaps or preparations containing alcohol). Skin should be protected against frost, wind and sun. A possibility of periodical itchiness, redness, burning sensation and slight peeling-off of the skin or its dryness should be taken into consideration. Due to the lack of appropriate tests’ results, the procedure should not be performed during pregnancy and breast feeding period.

Procedure’s duration

Facial: up to 40 minutes

Facial+neck+cleavage: up to 60 minutes.

Prices for 1 procedure

Facial: 170 PLN

Facial+neck+cleavage: 200 PLN






Special offers are valid only if prepaid.

Intensive peel combined with strong skin oxygenation

During the winter, skin becomes grey, loses its shine and looks older. The sun, fresh air and more physical activity accounts for our visual and mental spring rejuvenation. Lifting Supreme procedure rejuvenates not only visually and improves not only our mood. Content of retinol – one of the most efficient and strongest active substances used in cosmetology – initializes a long term process of rejuvenation and regeneration.

Lifting Supreme accelerates and normalises the process of skin rejuvenation, nourishes the skin, prevents formation of wrinkles and smoothes those that are already there. It also improves the skin’s resilience and lightens discolourations caused by excessive UV radiation.

The procedure consists of skin’s oxygenation by means of oxyabrasion or application of thermal water followed by applying half of the content of the R-Peel preparation’s ampoule. Gentle massage until absorption of the preparation is then followed by applying half of the content of R-Peel mask’s packet, containing retinol, which should remain on the skin for 8 to 12 hours (it is designed to be washed off by the client in his or her home).

Intensive peeling off of the epidermis begins 2 to 3 days after the treatment and continues for about a week. During the treatment and one month after its ending, the skin should be protected against solar radiation (sun creams with SPF not lower than 50 should be used).

The treatment can be combined with other anti-ageing, regenerating or anti-discolouration procedures (chemical peels, laser treatments, IPL).


Facial procedure: 230 PLN

Facial + neck + cleavage procedure: 280 PLN

Grey complexion with discolourations and without tonicity regains its shine and a nice, younger look due to vitamins and acids that naturally occur in the skin.

An intensive procedure consists of skin-friendly substances and involves an application of lactic and hyaluronic acids, relaxing massage with PP vitamin, which rejuvenates and improves skin’s elasticity. Rejuvenating vitamin C is introduced deep into the skin via sonophoresis. It lightens discolourations and strengthens blood vessels.

Price: 300 PLN

Every type of skin will appreciate revitalization and smoothing achieved by combination of effectiveness of amygdalic acid and diamond microdermabrasion.

This peeling procedure can be used all year round and for every type of skin. Unlike other popular acids used in cosmetology, it does not sensitise skin to solar radiation, nor inflicts burning sensation or redness. An algae mask applied at the end moisturises the skin intensely and has a soothing effect.


Facial procedure: 150 PLN

Facial + neck + cleavage procedure: 200 PLN

Gentle exfoliation at its best – that’s what problematic and acne skin needs most.

Salicylic acid extracted from willow bark works bacteriostatically and has an ability to penetrate through layer of sebum into hair follicles and pilous glands. It purges pilous glands of blackheads , prevents eczema and additionally it peels off epidermal cells, hence reduction of sun-inflicted or inflammatory discolourations. The procedure is recommended for persons suffering from acne and excessive secretion of sebum.

Cavitation peel is a modern method of painless and deep purifying of the skin. It’s an alternative for the traditional manual method. This procedure removes impurities and dead cells safely and without side effects. An algae mask applied at the end moisturises the skin intensively and has a calming effect.


Facial: 150 PLN

Facial + neck + cleavage: 200 PLN

Comprehensive procedures of thorough action, adjusted to your skin’s needs. Cosmetological diagnosis of the skin allows for a customized choice of an acid or even for the use of several acids in order to apply their diversified action on various skin problems during a single procedure.

The basic version of the procedure costs 120 PLN (face only), has a duration time up to 30 minutes and includes:

A single acid application * + Triple Action Cream SPF 50+ application, which protects elastic fibres and prevents discolourations. It contains an unique complex of Boswellia serrata (soothes) and Caesalpinia spinosa (intensively moisturises) extracts.

Available acids*:

-glycolic acid – recommended for widened pores, small scars, wrinkles, oily skin, thick layer of calloused epidermis (elbows, knees, feet), discolouration (a face, palms), skin photoageing, dry skin which requires hydration and stimulation, grey skin (“smoker’s skin”).

-amygdalic acid – recommended for any type of skin requiring rejuvenation, for acne and oily skin, seborrhoea, blackheads, folliculitis, epidermal melanoderma, skin revitalisation and as a peel for sensitive skin.

-salicylic acid – recommended for problematic skin, acne, spots, discolourations, impurities and eczema.

The expanded version of the procedure costs 180 PLN (face only), has duration time up to 45 minutes and includes:

An application of one layer of acid + an application of Soothing Elixir therapy, which soothes, moisturises and regenerates sensitive skin and skin prone to irritations. The preparation contains aloe extract and allantoin – which has an anti-inflammatory, soothing and regenerating action – and sea collagen, which combats wrinkles.

+ application of Crystal Rice Powder Mask with anti-ageing, brightening, skin-normalising action, stimulating skin cells to quicker regeneration. The preparation contains a complex of alpine plants (common yarrow, common mallow, lemon balm, peppermint, heath speedywell and common cowslip) combined with silica and rice powder.

+ application of Triple Action Cream SPF 50+.

*Expansion to facial + neck + cleavage procedure costs 50 PLN

**Every additional layer of acid applied during a single procedure costs 60 PLN.

Instantly rejuvenating eye area procedure

Brightens, rejuvenates and regenerates

Beauty Peel instantly rejuvenates optically the eye area. It brightens skin and normalises its colour, restores younger, relaxed look and stimulates regeneration. In a flash, the procedure gives the desired look before an important event.

Ferulic acid has strong anti-oxidising properties and protects cellular DNA. Phloretin facilitates penetration of ferulic acid through epidermis. Lactic acid supports good hydration of skin and stimulates ceramide synthesis, hence natural protection reinforcement.

Price: 200 PLN for a single procedure.